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Zakee Shariff  has worked over the years in collaboration & licence with a number of clients. With 25+ years of experiences as a textile designer, creative director, consultant, art director illustrator and artist. Zakee is able to curate a team of people from her contacts,  or work with your existing team to support a creative brief come to life. Zakee is a born leader and thrives working  with and/or leading a team. The output is always guaranteed to be unique, beautiful and something people will be drawn to.  

Previous clients include : Atlantic Records, Brownswood Recordings, Bugaboo, Channel 4, Colette, Early Majority, Exposure, Frost Body by Sadie Frost, Laurence King, Levis, Liberty, Mattel,  Medicom Toy, Nike, Paul Smith, Roxy Heart by Roxy, Saint Laurent, Savannah Miller, Selfridges, Victoria & Albert Museum, X-Girl

If you are interested in working with Zakee please contact  Zakee Shariff Studio

To view more, please visit her Design Archive


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