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Transformation Coaching and Mentoring For Artists, Creatives and Solopreneurs

The studio offers 1-2-1 coaching,  mentoring, and  small group facilitation with Zakee Shariff via her coaching practice Dream Forward

Zakee coaches & mentors, artists, creatives and soloprenerus to leverage their talent and become the change they want to see in the world.

ZS Studio,  has been a source of creative and business wisdom for Zakee for the past 26 years. With a background in Art & Design, Zakee has honed her skills and knowledge in the industry. Additionally, she completed her life coach training in 2009 with The Coaches Training Institute, further enhancing her capacity as a coach.

Zakee utilises this expertise to conduct 1-2-1 client sessions, both online via platforms like ZOOM and in-person. She also facilitates small group sessions, providing guidance and support to individuals seeking personal and professional growth. Through her diverse range of coaching and mentoring methods, Zakee aims to empower individuals and help them clarify their visions, transform their lives and achieve their goals.

For more information and to read testimonials,  please go to Dream Forward.

To enquire about working with Zakee, or to explore a 60 min exploration call via Zoom. Please email  team@dreamforward.co.uk  Every communication is & remains confidential.

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