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Zakee Shariff has been an artist as long as she remembers. She creates linear drawings on a diversity of themes. As well as abstract artworks using the mediums of paint, ink, and silkscreen-printing. Zakee is interested in channeling her artwork, working in connection to spiritual dimensions and allowing images and marks to come through her. Zakee touch’s peoples hearts through connection. By doing so she creates an emotional response, a transformation. Her intention is to bring a sense of  healing through colour and beauty. 

In 2023 Zakee started to explore painting figuratively. Creating a more somatic experience in her process of painting. In this new work she is interested in exploring relationships or systems of power. She interested in lifting stones of life,  and looking underneath things. Through her artwork, Zakee has a natural capacity to take something challenging or difficult and turn it into something beautiful and poetic. We have seen this in some of her past abstract work, however she is committed to exploring this capacity deeper in her new figurative paintings. 

Zakee’s art work is sold, by commission via her web-store and through gallery exhibitions. Zakee has exhibited her work  in the UK, Japan, Dubai, France, and Switzerland. 

To view more of her artwork, please visit her Art Archive

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