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ZAKEE SHARIFF X ROAD CASTING – Zakee’s artwork used on their ZINE

Zine artwork created by Road Casting. Using zakee' "Speechless" crystal artwork overload on photography by Bardha Krasniqi

Zakee was asked by Coraliee Rose owner of  Road Casting if she could use her “Speechless” artwork from her 2015 ” Follow The Light”  Gallery Solo Show. She also commission her to create a second hand painted Crystal “Solstice 2) Which she did so with ink on paper, again after creating a sacred ceremony. She did this to support the artwork in added healing energy. The artwork was used on two images by layering on top of of photography by Bardha Krasniqi. Zine artwork created by Road Casting



“Solstice Crystal 2” Hand painted Ink on paper –  June 2023

Zine artwork created by Road Casting. Using Zakee’s “Solstice Crystal 2” Hand painted crystal artwork overlaid on Photography by Bardha Krasniqi

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