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WATER Digital print

WATER Digital print


After much thought & conversations with all involved with ZS clothing. Zakee has decided to put the mainline clothing part of my studio, back to sleep. When she came back to fashion in 2014. She consciously wanted to keep it small and sustainable. However it has been a challenge to execute it this way & stay in alignment with her values of her creative message.

Going forward her intention is to focus on making textiles & in partnership & collaboration with brands, individuals & organizations that are in alignment with a sustainable mindset, & have similar values to her. She is excited, open, & looking forward to exploring the new possibilities for my textiles. And to move them into new creative avenues alongside fashion. She will continue to make my ZS LOVE products. And of course as always, make & nurture her fine art, art direction & coaching/healing practices.

Thank you ALL for the love & support over the years for ZS Clothing. She knows how much it has touched & empowered the women who wear it. And a BIG thank you to all behind the scenes , who have done so very much to sell, produce, advise, execute, collaborate & promote it into the world. She is truly grateful to each & every one of you.

Watch this space for my new projects & re-birthing……As always with love & peace,

Zakee Shariff


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