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Zakee Shariff × Medicom ∙ 2006

Henri, 'Jah Star' textile design For Medicom's FABRICK project, 2006

Henri soft toy, in the Jah Star textile design for Medicom's FABRICK project, 2006

Zakee designed an all-over print for the Japanese toymaker, Medicom, for their fabric project, FABRICK. The Jah Star design as featured on a variety of accessories and interior products, including the soft toy, Henri. Another toy, named Jean & Tempur, accompanied Henri, and was finished in vintage Zakee Shariff printed fabric.
Other artists that took part in the FABRICK project include Alife, Tomato, Susumi Mukai, Andre, Will Sweeney and Mint Design.


'Jah Star' printed textile 2006

Jah Star printed textile, 2006

Product in the 'Jah Star' design, 2006

Product in the Jah Star design, 2006



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