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Transformational Coaching

Dream Forward is a coaching practice that supports people of all ages to step into their authentic, empowered self.

Dream Forward was founded in 2008 by Zakee Shariff, who is a trained coach, intuitive channeller, artist and textile designer. Through Zakee’s abundant, innate creativity she opens the door to fresh perspectives. Her coaching training enables Zakee to provide tools and techniques to work through emotions, shifts, change, growth and trauma.

Zakee helps people to flow more freely through life. Whether that be navigating parenthood, moving through separation, or rising as a leader.

With an acute sense of intuition guiding her, Zakee creates a safe space for you to gently open up. She helps you deeply explore your sense of self and what is valuable to you. With a newfound understanding, supported by Zakee’s empathetic nature and healing energy, you are empowered to move your life in a direction you desire.

Zakee Shariff is a;
CTI (Coaches Training Institute) Coach
Trained Intuitive Channeller
Artist & Mother
Believer in the healing powers of peace, beauty and love.

You can find out more about her practice DREAM FORWARD here.