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Amelia’s Magazine ∙ 2005

'Cherries', 2005 For Amelia's Magazine (UK), Issue #4, Nov 2005

Cherries, 2005. For Amelia's Magazine (UK), Issue #4, Nov 2005

One of Zakee’s illustrations was used as a double-page spread in issue 4 of Amelia’s Magazine, which came with a vibrant scratch ‘n’ sniff front cover and an exclusive set of smelly pens to colour-in some wonderful “colouring pages” designed by a host of new illustrators including Colin Henderson, Luke Best, Jim Stoten, Babak Ganjei, Birgitte Lund, C’est Moi Ce Soir and Serge Seidlitz. Zakee’s contribution, Cherries, is pictured above.


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