Zakee has been an artist for as long as she can remember. Her creative practice and brand,  Zakee Shariff was founded in 1997. For her coexisting as an artist and designer is a necessity.

Her work is inspired by her spirituality, growing up in London, her Asian-Indian – African background, healing, beauty, music and street culture. She is interested in creating an emotional response and translating experience. Her wish is to empower, heal, and touch peoples hearts through her work.

Her art is the starting point and always where her heart is drawn to. She then intuitively abstracts from her artwork to create textile designs, that are then placed on simple but considered fashion and interior pieces.

With the design/fashion side of her work she sells her clothes to stores across the globe, through her on-line store and by appointment. She also creates textiles and art directs collections with mindfully chosen brands.

Zakee is a born collaborator and has worked with many creative organisations over the last 25 years of her career.
She intends to create timeless textiles, and product that is not dictatorial, has a strong sense of beauty and that one day can be handed down through generations.

With her art Zakee works by commission, through art exhibitions in galleries as well as through her web-store.

Zakee is also a CTI trained Life coach, intuitive channel, and a Reiki healer.

Like a beautiful dream, all that’s required to enter her world is a willingness to open up, let go, and enjoy the ride…